MAN WITH A VAN IN BRADFORD - Call Idle Van Man on: 07778 263738
Van Information

Model: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Length of Inside Van: 4.3m

Depth of Inside Van: 1.94m at the back of the van. 1.82m at the front of the van.

Length of Door (Top to Bottom): 1.84m

Width of Door: 1.56m

To help keep your goods in the same condition when they leave the van as when they went in, I have a number of extra large blankets to wrap up your fragile items. Also in the van, I have a number of bungee ropes to wrap around your goods to stop them from sliding and moving around whilst the van is in motion. Also in the van I have ratchet straps and cargo nets.

If you are wanting a man with a van in the Bradford area, call the Idle Van Man NOW on - 07778 263738